Towards a resilient community

The health of Gando’s community is a prerequisite that underpins all our education and environmental projects. Good sanitary conditions at birth and throughout early childhood are essential if children are to thrive and have equal access to schooling. This means providing not only for children but also their families and the entire community.

Water is the most fundamental pillar of physical health, sanitation and nutrition. Our first initiative was therefore to dig drinking wells, providing public access to clean water. Next, our aim is for every educational facility we build to be equipped with lavatories.

We are also currently focused on plans for a healthcare centre for Gando, providing free medical treatment, access to a midwife, and emergency care.

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Building with the community

Recent events have shed light on the importance of health being treated as a collective concern rather than an individual issue. Participatory processes, both in the planning and the construction of our projects addressing health issues in Gando, are key to creating infrastructure that serves a cohesive community.

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Healthcare Center

Healthcare Center, siteplan. By Kéré Architecture GmbH
Healthcare Center, sketch. By Francis Kéré

Given Gando’s remote location, local access to healthcare, both for routine procedures and for emergencies, is essential, particularly for expectant mothers and young children. The goal of building a Healthcare Centre in Gando stems from a community initiative that began in 2001. Shortly after the completion of the Gando Primary School, members of the community set out to build a first-aid station, applying skills acquired on the building site of the school and using remaining construction materials. Over the years, however, the growth of Gando’s population has warranted the need for a larger and better-equipped facility.

The design for the new Healthcare Centre includes a maternity ward, an in-patient ward, consultation rooms and storerooms for pharmaceutical supplies. Buildings are arranged around a courtyard shaded by trees, which will provide a waiting area for visitors and families. A water tower at its centre will act as an easily identifiable landmark.

The provision of suitable housing is a prerequisite for incentivising qualified medical professionals to move away from cities to rural areas. To the north-west of the complex, accommodation will therefore be provided for doctors and medical staff.

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